Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Bonus Podcast Episode -- Judge Nancy Abudu

Judge Nancy Abudu being sworn in as our newest 11th Circuit judge

I am very excited to share this bonus episode with you -- an interview with our newest 11th Circuit Judge, Nancy Abudu. I think you will be impressed with how open and humble Judge Abudu is, not to mention how smart and quick-witted.  I had never met or spoken to her before, and it struck me how likable and nice she was!

You can access it on Apple, Spotify, or any other platform from our website here.

You'll recall we've had other 11th Circuit judges on the show before, including Chief Judge Pryor and Judge Rosenbaum, as well as district judges Charles Breyer, Jed Rakoff, and former judge John Gleeson. If I was putting together a Supreme Court, these six would be a pretty good start.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the episode with the terrific Judge Nancy Abudu.

Thank you! --David


Hosted by David Oscar Markus and produced by rakontur

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Anonymous said...

Did Frank eat a lemon right before she swore the judge in?