Thursday, September 01, 2022

"President Trump's" reply

You can read it here.

Thank goodness the lawyers start with explaining to the reader in the first line that references to "President Trump" mean "President Donald J. Trump."

Sorry, it's a pet peeve of mine.  

Anyway, Judge Cannon will be holding a hearing this afternoon in West Palm Beach.  It will be interesting to see if she sticks to her guns and appoints a special master.  And if so, who will the judge appoint.  

More to follow.


Anonymous said...

Judge Altonaga is not impressed by the certificate of service, which the local rules no longer require:

Anonymous said...

Other tips for the out of town or unknowledgeable:

1) Do not tell the Judge you are vaccinated, and then ask if it is okay to remove your mask;

2) Do not speak with your mask on;

3) Pull an Anthony - we come here to bury DOJ, not to praise it…but make sure to praise the US Attorney’s Office;

4) Do not point out that Fort Pierce is not located in Palm Beach County;

5) Stick to expressions such as “the ship has sailed” instead of “moot”, use “fake news” in the place of “distinguishable”, and under no circumstances say “lack jurisdiction”….just say “alternate forum”.

Anonymous said...

I read that court turned wi-fi off in the courtroom to prevent press from reporting in real time. I wish the fetishists would care about the 1st amendment as much as the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Right cause 5G won’t penetrate (and give you COVID).

Anonymous said...

I know a 5G covid victim, its no joke

Anonymous said...

Did she appoint Michael Cohen to conduct the privilege review?

Anonymous said...

It was a MAGA hearing for sure. Fox talking points.