Thursday, September 15, 2022

Congrats to Markenzy Lapointe

President Biden just nominated him to be the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Florida.

He's a really good guy and well liked by just about everyone.

Folks will discuss the timing because of the on-going litigation regarding the Mar-a-Lago search.  Currently all of the pleadings are being signed by Tony Gonzalez, who was the first assistant prosecutor under Ariana Fajardo Orshan, the previous U.S. Attorney who was selected by Trump.  Once Lapointe is confirmed, he will be the local prosecutor in charge of the case.  But, of course, the case is being overseen by the DOJ folks in D.C.

In any event, Lapointe isn't a political guy.  He's right down the middle and is going to do what's right.


Anonymous said...

He is a great choice. Congrats to him. I just dont agree with the blue chip process where US Senators who protest a fair election get to pick judges and US Attorneys for the President of the opposing party.
Having Rubio endorse him takes him down a few pegs in my book. Rubio also endorsed a judge who is so political and ruled the DOJ must stop a criminal investigation because it involves the guy who appointed her. Rulings not based on law are becoming much more common these days. Should we even have faith in the Supreme Court these days when their families work overtime to overthrow a fair and legitimate election? If Ruth's husband wrote Clinton's chief of staff countless times and secretly pressured the Florida legislature to ignore the will of its voters and certify Gore the winner of the election, she would be forced to resign and guess what? It would have the backing of most Dems. You know that's true. Yet we all pretend nothing is happening.

Anonymous said...

Rubio sucks... but everyone seems to like Lapointe... frankly they could have just kept Gonzalez...who has much more experience than the last two!