Tuesday, June 15, 2021

SCOTUS affirms two 11th Circuit cases

 The most conservative Supreme Court in decades (ever?) affirmed the most conservative appellate court (the 11th) in two criminal cases yesterday.  SCOTUSblog covers them:

Justices reject sentencing reductions for some crack-cocaine offenders ("The court in Terry v. United States ruled 9-0 that, based on the text, a Trump-era law making retroactive Obama-era sentencing reductions does not apply to low-level offenders.")


Court limits new trials for people with felon-in-possession convictions ("In Greer v. United States, the court unanimously curtailed the retroactive application of its 2019 ruling in Rehaif v. United States regarding felons in possession of a firearm.") 


Anonymous said...

" Most conservative Supreme Court in decades (ever?)..."

The first decision was 9-0 the other was 7-2 with Alito and Thomas dissenting.

Come on!

Anonymous said...

Apologies they were both unanimous

Anonymous said...


Terry: the lowest level drug offenders don't get relief from racist 100-1 ratio.

Greer: prosecutors don't have to prove essential element of the offense.