Thursday, June 17, 2021

How will SDFLA's Rocket Docket proceed when jury trials restart

SDFLA practitioners know that most of our judges push cases to trial.  

The median time in our district from the beginning to the end of a criminal case is 5.2 months. (!!)  By way of comparison, in SDNY, it's 14.1 months.  In EDNY, it's higher: 20.5 months. Also, our median number from indictment to plea is 5 months and 9.7 months for a trial. Now that the district seems to be opening up again, will judges relax these numbers (pretty please!) to be more in line with other districts? 

In other news, the Supreme Court is finishing its Term.  A big one came out this morning -- No standing for the Republicans to overturn Obamacare... You can follow all of the big cases at SCOTUSblog. 


the trialmaster said...

Judge Kehoe. 30 days from arraignment to trial.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, they will double down on the rocket docket. If they ease off, they will never clear the backlog.

Anonymous said...

Considering over 90 opercent of defendants plea and few, if any, defendants will invoke their speedy trial rights, the "backlog" as a justification for doubling down on the rocket docket is nonsense. It should be easy enough to figure out which defendants, especially those in custody, who are proceeding to trial and get to those first. There is no reason for the Judges, or anyone else, to light everyone's hair on fire.