Thursday, January 17, 2019

Shutdown at FDC-Miami

While TSA workers are calling in sick, the Bureau of Prison guards are cancelling visits, including attorney visits. They are saying that there “may be” a “recent inmate” who was “possibly” diagnosed with tuberculosis.

You can't really blame them for making up the TB scare.  The shutdown is absurd. 


Anonymous said...

Why do you say they are making up the TB scare? That's a strong statement.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are right. I have a hearing this afternoon that a judge would not continue.
Perhaps a judge should have a hearing and question the Warden under oath so we can find out for sure.

Anonymous said...

It was widely rumored that the FDC guards were planning a sick out today. Some are saying very strongly the TB alert is cover.

Anonymous said...

Shutdown is absurd? Our southern border is being overrun. But I guess you like that.

Anonymous said...

"Our southern border is being overrun." Wow. Stop watching Fox News. Its rotting your brain.

Let's start with some background. "'The [US birthrate] rate has generally been below replacement since 1971,' according to the report from CDC's National Center for Health Statistics." See

The replacement rate is 2,100 births per 1,000 women; whereas, the US birth rate is 1,764.5 births per 1,000 women. Id. As an annualized measure, the current US birthrate is 60.2 births per 1,000.

In any given year, say 2015 for example, the US has about 4 millions births. (3,978,497). Applying the above numbers, to meet replacement rates, the US needs about (rough math here) 5 million births per year - so, we're short about a million a year.

Why is birthrate important? Well, "[a]s sizeable populations of older adults retire and age out of the workforce, younger people are having fewer kids. It's setting up a ticking demographic time bomb, readying to explode when there aren't enough young people to care and pay for what the older generation needs." See

What's this got to do with "the wall" you might ask? Well, we can't force people to make babies. But, fortunately, there a whole bunch of people south of the border dying to join us and to fill that population and workforce gap.

Remember, the workforce is at or near full employment. See So, don't give me any nonsense about taking jobs.

US Customs and Border Protection estimates that there were 396,579 illegal entrants from the southern border in 2018.

This number, btw, is down from its peak in 2000 of 1.64 million. Id.

Nothing about this suggests that the border is "overrun."

On the contrary, this suggests that we should probably be processing devoting our money to welcoming and processing these immigrants and getting them into the taxed workforce as soon as possible.

And before you give me some nonsense about terrorists crossing the southern border, you might want to read this:

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's absurd that Nancy Pelosi is refusing to pass a budget that includes additional funding for processing immigrants and as well as additional funding for immigration courts.

Anonymous said...

Terrorists do cross the border but nowhere near 4000. Let me ask you a serious question. Say the number is 7 caught between ports of entry per year, suggesting maybe another 5 got through without apprehension. Is a dozens terrorists coming each and every year an acceptable number?

Anonymous said...


Let's accept your numbers. How many successful foreign terror attacks have there been in this county in the last 15 years?

The answer is none.

Why then would we spend billions building a wall to solve a problem that doesn't exist?

Anonymous said...

Okay lets just cross our fingers on terrorists.

Although the percentages are very low, what about the violent criminals, gang members, those who sexually abuse kids, etc., who come illegally along with the others? Also no big deal / not worth the $?

How many preventable sexual assalts would be worth the $ for you. What if out of 396,579, 250 have prior records for sexual assalt, and 50 will reoffend at some time in the usa?

Thats okay? Is 25 okay?

What about serial DUI offenders. Say we let 1000 per year thru, and 100 reoffend all the time, resulting in 4 deaths?


Rumpole said...

If we built a wall we wouldn't have TB, right?
We also wouldn't have:

Pineapple on Pizza, which is totally un-American;

Uber- drive yourself in your gas guzzling pickup like its the right of every god fearing American;

Vegans- clearly a scheme from Mexico to undermine our nutrition and bankrupt McDonalds which is the foundation of our white-Christian country;

Soccer- Mexicans play soccer. Need I say more? Will 30 billion people watch soccer while eating pizza and tacos and drinking diet coke like the constitution guarantees our right to do on super bowl Sunday? I don't think so.

Robert Muller. A wall could keep out Muller. Send him to Acapulco for vacation. Have the CIA steal his passport, and then when he tries to get back in? WALL. And no report either.

Global Warming and Pollution: A wall has insulation (duh). Mexico is hot (double duh). Build a cool wall, insulate it, and voila! No more global warming.

Anonymous said...

Right 2:01 the only people who commit those crimes are from south of the border. Put your name on that post you racist.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how to read?

Why don't you put your name on your post, and then quote what specific part of my post is racist.


Anonymous said...

FY2017 apprehensions by type of conviction:

692 assault/battery/dv
595 burg/larceny/fraud
1596 dui
173 illegal weapons
137 sexual offenses
3 murder

The above #s do not include those who evaded detection, and excludes those arrested but not convicted. Also, we dont have good access to foreign criminal histories, so other criminals are improperly counted as noncrim, just because we dont have their history.

The wall would require maintenance no doubt, but in large part it is a one-time investment, and criminal numbers like these recur every single year.

No one here is saying migrants are all criminals. The fact that they commit crime at a lesser rate than natives is irrelevant. The point is, why not some money to catch more of those who are criminals.

How did this get so controversial? Oh, i remember.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants do not commit crime at a higher rate than natural born americans. So, limiting immigration would have no different impact on US crime rates than would sterilizing americans.

The citation to gross numbers of crimes is meaningless without the context of the number of people from which that pool is taken (i.e. crime rate).

The argument that immigrants commit crimes and therefore immigrants should be excluded from the US is ignorance at best, and yes, potentially racist if, after being educated, you still hold the same position.