Tuesday, January 22, 2019

FDC Shutdown continues (UPDATED -- FDC BACK UP)

FDC-Miami is still shutdown due to a supposed TB scare.  That means no legal or social visits.  It also means that no defendants are being brought over to court.  At least one trial was cancelled today because of it.  There have been many TB outbreaks at FDC over the years, but that has never stopped visits and court for any lengthy period of time before.  This is definitely a first.

Here's an update from one of the Miami marshals:

This email is intended to provide an update regarding the current PRECAUTIONARY QUARANTINE status within the FDC-Miami facility. As you may be aware, last Thursday evening the USMS was informed by FDC leadership & medical managers of an inmate with a potentially active case of Tuberculosis. Given a number of concerns regarding this notification, to include: the inmate’s transport into S/FL, recent court appearances within the District, potential impact within his actual designated facility (FCI Yazoo – Mississippi), and work there as a facility cook, USMS management (in consultation with FDC medical managers) recommended to the Judiciary a cancelation of the scheduled Miami Division in-custody court matters for last Friday (1/18/2019).

At this time FDC medical managers still have not received the final test results which they are certain will provide a definitive Negative/Positive confirmation in this specific case, and are uncertain as to when they will receive those results (we’re hopeful that they are returned sometime tomorrow afternoon). As a result of the delay in receiving the test results and in an abundance of caution, it is very likely that FDC will need an additional day of inmate quarantine (Tuesday – 1/22/2019) to work through this matter. The USMS is well aware of the disruption(s) this causes all affected parties, however, given the involvement of the Florida Department of Health, CDC, & U.S. Public Health Service, the USMS & FDC (BOP) would be negligent in attempting to move forward without all of the proper clearances and authorizations to do so.

We are in direct contact with the Judiciary/Court, and will continue to provide any/all information received, in hopes of resuming District operations within the Miami Division as quickly as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Thank you.
UPDATE -- BOP has determined that the TB is "not infectious" and is reopening.  Normal operations begin tomorrow.  From the Marshals office:
 Chief Cooper will be sending out a notice indicating that we got the “all clear” from FDC about 30 minutes ago.  The TB was determined “not infectious” so we will return to normal operating procedures as of tomorrow morning.

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