Monday, January 14, 2019

Congrats to Robert Luck (updated with pictures)

This morning Gov. DeSantis will appoint Robert Luck to the Florida Supreme Court.  Luck currently serves on the 3rd DCA and was an AUSA in this District before that.  He will serve with another former AUSA and former 3rd DCA judge, Barbara Lagoa.

Luck is 39 and after graduating from UF law school, clerked for Ed Carnes on the 11th Circuit.

Congrats to Robert Luck!

UPDATE — here are some pictures from the swearing in, where newly appointed Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Lagoa swore in Robert Luck:


Bob Becerra said...

Great choice. Will miss him from the Miami bench

Lucky said...

I hear he is interviewing with DJT in the event RGB retires.

Anonymous said...

What a world.

Anonymous said...

What a nice guy.