Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Vetting Room's take on 11th Circuit Nominee Britt Grant

President Trump has nominated Georgia Justice Britt Grant to the 11th Circuit.  The Vetting Room has a very informative and lengthy post about Grant.  Here's the intro:

Justice Britt C. Grant is President Trump’s third nominee to the Eleventh Circuit. Like Trump’s first nominee, Kevin Newsom, Grant is a former state solicitor general (Grant of Georgia, Newsom of Alabama). Like Trump’s second nominee, Lisa Branch, Grant worked as a BigLaw commercial litigator and subsequently served as a state appeals courts judge (Grant of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Branch of the Georgia Court of Appeals). Like both Newsom and Branch, Grant is a longtime member of the Federalist Society. Although Grant–if confirmed–will be replacing an Obama appointee, Julie Carnes, the replacement will not likely have an immediate effect on the ideological balance of the court because Carnes herself most frequently votes in divided cases with her more conservative colleagues (as did the judge that Lisa Branch replaced, Frank Hull).

In other news, longtime federal prosecutor Dick Gregorie is retiring. The Herald looks at his career here.


Anonymous said...

Weaver is such a sycophant.

Anonymous said...

No comments on the guys getting indicted by California Attorney General on extortion charges?

Anonymous said...

8:54am, are you talking about this story?

Based solely on the story, I don't see that the defendants did anything illegal. They're trash, but don't appear to be criminals.

Anonymous said...

Small local news sites do it too, each weeknight publishing DUIs, etc.. And they don't accept $$ to take it down, nor will Google.

But they should've sold the reputation repair service along with credit repair, etc.. At arm's length.

Just like most credit-repair places are just a dressed-up collection agency buying up debt for pennies and trying to collect a dime on it to make the 'stigma' go away.

Anonymous said...

In other news, troubled former AUSA Elijah Levitt gets nominated for Miami County judgeship.