Thursday, May 03, 2018

Mary Barzee Flores to challenge Mario Diaz-Balart

And Mary (former Assistant Federal Public Defender and former Obama District Court nominee) came out swinging.  According to Marc Caputo from Politico, who broke the story:

“I’m confident that Mario Diaz-Balart can, should and will be beat this fall. And I’m going to beat him,” Barzee Flores told POLITICO.

“Diaz-Balart has voted repeatedly to rip away Floridians’ health care coverage. He has voted repeatedly with the [National Rifle Association], while taking more of their campaign cash than any other Florida congressman in the last 20 years,” she said. “He denies science even as rising sea levels directly threaten our community. He pays lip service to DREAMers while the Trump administration tears apart families.”

Barzee Flores’ decision to run in Florida’s 25th Congressional District was made at the urging of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the abortion rights group EMILY’s List and Florida Democrats. None wanted to see Diaz-Balart again escape an election cycle without a major Democratic challenger. All three pledged to financially back her.


Anonymous said...

¡Coño! - it is on.

My bet is on Barzee-Flores taking it by 6 points.

Anonymous said...

4-4 in da House!

Anonymous said...

"But Diaz-Balart has struck a Faustian bargain. As long as he remains silent on “shithole” countries he is tacitly countenancing, even condoning the president’s offensive, racist comments. At the same time, the congressman is willing to let down his own constituents as well as other black and brown residents throughout South Florida, be castigated and made to feel unwelcome."

Now, DB's constituants are reaping what his cowardly refusal to confront Trump on his racist and counterproductive immigration stance. On Friday, Trump ended tps for Hondurans. These are people who are legally in this country, productive and hard-working, who Trump will send home or deport.

DB's refusal to man up to Trump because of his lack of a spine, has only emboldened the lunatic in the white house. Sure, it was only Hondurans this time, but they will soon be coming for the other Hispanics, one "shit hole" country at a time.

DB is nothing but an appeaser, whose time ignoring his constituants is properly up.

Anonymous said...

One may disagree with trump's refusal to exempt the vast majority of illegal aliens from deportation as a matter of policy. But I don't see how trump's immigration stance is racist. And I dont think anyone is coming for Hispanics as a class of people. It seems an unfortunate overreaction to trump that people like 814 now think basic immigration enforcement is racist. Perhaps Ms. Flores will clarify if she agrees.

Anonymous said...

Have no idea what Barzee-Flores would say, look forward to herhthrashing DB in a debate.

Ending tps is not basic immigrant enforcement, it is changing the status of the law to get rid of close to 1 million Hondurans who are legally here.

And no, enforcing immigration law has nothing to do with racism at the most basic level. I hope everybody can agree on that.

However, when the immigration policy of the country is driven by a whackjob who refers to Latin American, carribean and African countries as "shitholes" while he talks about wanting more people from Norway, only a fool would belive our policy is not being set by a racist.

Sitting at the table with the red one, and not saying one thing to check his racist "shithole" comment about fellow latins is cowardly and shows that DB is not a leader in any sense of the word.

Being a congressman doesn't make you a leader; being willing to stand up to bullies to protect your constituants and the Cosntitution, does.

Anonymous said...

How long would you have kept TPS for Honduras? It was given as a temporary reprieve given hurricane mitch in 1998. 20 years too short for you? 25 would be more fair? 30? I'm all for legalizing the TPSers, but c'mon.

Why don't we all just agree DACA + TPS amnesty + wall? Deal?

Anonymous said...

I'm good with that deal!

But the guy should be ashamed of ending tps to send people back to a country that has such huge problems and denying them the dream it is to live here...after 20 years being here? That's fucked up.

And, that is who DB had cozied up to.

Anonymous said...

Barzee has all the makings of being a great politician. She has already shown that she can lie with the best of them.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason that white nationalists love Trump, his administration is engaged in a full blown ethnic cleansing. Not only are Latinos being targeted for deportation without due process despite not being criminals (violation of immigration laws are NOT criminal offenses), but Sessions an the DOJ are ramping up criminal prosecutions (and increased sentences) for African-Americans, Latinos, and other people of color. You can white-wash it any way you want (pun intended) but it is a full-on assault and we will not stand idly by

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you think trump compares to hitler... do tell!

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