Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Back at it

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. We’re nearing the end of the Supreme Court Term, with lots of big and interesting decisions left (like Carpenter). In the meantime, check out this NYT article about a study of Republican vs. Democratic judges. The GOP judges are tougher on black defendants but more lenient with women:

Judges appointed by Republican presidents gave longer sentences to black defendants and shorter ones to women than judges appointed by Democrats, according to a new study that analyzed data on more than half a million defendants.
“Republican-appointed judges sentence black defendants to three more months than similar nonblacks and female defendants to two fewer months than similar males compared with Democratic-appointed judges,” the study found, adding, “These differences cannot be explained by other judge characteristics and grow substantially larger when judges are granted more discretion.”
The study was conducted by two professors at Harvard Law School, Alma Cohen and Crystal S. Yang. They examined the sentencing practices of about 1,400 federal trial judges over more than 15 years, relying on information from the Federal Judicial Center, the United States Sentencing Commission and the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.
Douglas A. Berman, an authority on sentencing law at Ohio State University, said the study contained “amazing new empirical research.”


Anonymous said...

Republicans are anti-African-American? I am shocked!
Shocked, I say!!

What would Kanye say?

Anonymous said...

Judges appointed by Democrat presidents gave longer sentences to women and shorter ones to black defendants than judges appointed by Republicans, according to a new study that analyzed data on more than half a million defendants.

Same thing but inversely biased.

Anonymous said...

No comments on the S.C. Decisions in Lagos or Collins?

The court is taking a pretty hard stance on the 4th, let's hope they continue to curb Gov't abuse of the other rights as well.

The thing about the MVRA is that since it comes behind Forfeiture, it's a pointless exercise. It seems Prosecutions are mostly about how much $$$ the Gov't can get for itself.