Thursday, July 14, 2016

Judge Federico Moreno named to Executive Committee

What a big (and well-deserved) honor.  Chief Justice John Roberts has formed the executive committee of the Judicial Conference to include:

Judge Paul J. Barbadoro, Chair   District of New Hampshire
Judge Robert James Conrad Western District of North Carolina 
Chief Judge Merrick B. Garland DC Circuit
Federico A. Moreno Southern District of Florida
Chief Judge William Jay Riley Eighth Circuit
Chief Judge Sidney R. Thomas Ninth Circuit
Martha Vazquez District of New Mexico
James C. Duff AO Director


South Florida Lawyers said...

Wow, what an honor!!

Anonymous said...

Robert Conrad is a federal judge now?! Loved him as James West in Wild Wild West. Still can't believe he lost to Gabe Kaplan in the 110 yard dash in Battle of the Network Stars.

Anonymous said...

Quite a honor. He will serve out district will humility and pride.

Anonymous said...

No Girls Allowed?

Anonymous said...

I am assuming Martha Vasquez is female, but then again so is Frank Hull.

Fake Fred Moreno said...

Meeeester Markus. Nobody knows what the eeeexecutive committeeeeee does. Maybeeee you should inform them, no?