Friday, July 22, 2016

Ferguson building being evacuated (updated)

Not sure what's going on over there other than a fire alarm went off and everyone is milling around outside. Will update if any further information becomes available.

Update (2pm) -- Apparently the King building has been evacuated as well.

Update 2 (2:40pm) -- back to business. The buildings have been reopened. The Atkins building was never evacuated. 


Anonymous said...

It was a madhouse
but in all seriousness- important safety tip WHEN THERE IS A FIRE ALARM DON'T TAKE THE ELEVATORS PEOPLE
Too many lazy people took a quick ride down. Someday, lord forbid, they may regret that. It's not safe to be in an elevator if there is a fire.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The evacuation of the King Building was a fire drill. It was announced as such over the p.a. system when the alarms first sounded. Not sure about WDF.