Monday, February 09, 2015

The oldest trick in the book...

The prisoners' we'll-give-you-booze-and-handcuff-you trick worked on these Brazilian prison guards!  From CNN:

Two women, dressed in skimpy, "sexy" police officer costumes, allegedly showed up at a prison in Brazil's interior Mato Grosso state on Thursday, according to local media reports.
The women talked guards into letting them inside and seduced them, spiking their drinks in the process, according to reports.
What happened next is what one might expect when strangers in lingerie appear unannounced at your work place: the guards were found the next morning, naked and handcuffed with little recollection of the night before.
And 26 prisoners had escaped from the prison, located in Nova Mutum, a small city near Cuiaba.
A spokesman for the Justice Secretariat of Mato Grosso, which oversees prisons, confirmed to CNN that officials found bottles of spiked whiskey and a pair of provocative, police-themed costumes next to the handcuffed guards, who were passed out.
"We assume that is what the women were wearing when they seduced the guards," spokesman Willian Fidelis said.

In other news, Alcee Hastings just crushed this dude from Texas:


Anonymous said...

How many impeached federal judges does Texas have in its Congressional delegation?

Anonymous said...

Hastings gives zero f#%^s!!!!!

Rumpole said...

Why can't we have prisons like that here? There is a popular strip club near TGK, but its not the same.