Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hell hath no fury....

Congrats to Marc Caputo on his new gig at Politico. His parting piece with the Herald is fittingly on Ana Alliegro here:
David Rivera’s former girlfriend repeatedly told a federal grand jury that the ex-congressman was the mastermind behind a complicated campaign finance scheme that landed her and another in prison.

Nearly two dozen times, Ana Alliegro says, she testified that Rivera supplied more than $81,000 used in the crime, that he plotted the cover-up and he then helped her twice escape to a getaway in Nicaragua.

Yet she’s angry that Rivera has yet to be indicted, despite her hour-long Dec. 18 testimony and a mountain of evidence: corroborating witnesses, a trove of emails, a handwritten note from Rivera and even fingerprints. Also, a federal judge last year demanded that Rivera be named in open court.

“Are politicians above the law? I don’t get it,” Alliegro told the Miami Herald in an interview. Rivera, who has long maintained his innocence, couldn’t be reached.


Anonymous said...

Her giving interviews not really going to help rRvera get indicted.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

Rivera has the goods on Rubio, They were butt buddies in the GOP crime ridden Fl. legislature.

Anonymous said...

So here we are 2/17 and still nothing.