Thursday, May 08, 2014

Confirmation Update: More Good Judicial News

Today, Judges Darrin Gayles and Beth Bloom both were approved by voice vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Judge Robin Rosenbaum should have her vote in front of the full Senate completed sometime Monday. Best of luck to all three nominees.


Archimboldi said...

That is good news. Thanks for the update and best of luck to the nominees.

Anonymous said...

Is Markus (D) going to put in for Rosenbaum's D.ct. spot? He's be great.

Rumpole said...

DOM cannot be a judge. He is a warrior.

Anonymous said...

DOM would never take that big a paycut.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...,0,6084472.story

Dear new judges, read this article. This disgraceful act happens more times than you think and in more subtle ways than this. Keep this in mind for the remainder of your wonderful careers. The police really do sometimes act in illegal ways.