Thursday, March 14, 2013

Judge Dube retires

Magistrate Judge Dube has been part of the court family for a long long time.  Today he retired, and the court had a nice luncheon for him.  In classic Dube fashion, he started off his remarks: "I am a humble man, but I agree with all the nice things you said about me."  Good stuff. 

When I was a clerk back in 1997, Judge Dube made a point of introducing himself to the new clerks and offering any help we needed in figuring out how the court worked.  He also helped us all get involved in the Federal Bar Association, a group he ran for over 25 years.

His longtime clerk Lourdes Fernandez gave some really nice heartfelt remarks about her 10 years with Judge Dube.

He's a good man. 

Here's a picture of him from the luncheon:


ff said...

Nice guy. I was one of the attorneys in Judge D first jury trial.

Good luck to him in retirement.


South Florida Lawyers said...

Great guy. He's earned it.

Anonymous said...

For many years I relaxed at home with a small glass of Dube on the rocks.

Cat Blogs said...

Friggin cat has his own blog. Fuzzy fleabag good for nothing lazy lump of fur.