Thursday, March 28, 2013

Congrats to Hurricanes on a great season

Tough way to go out, but what a fun ride.  ACC regular season champs.  ACC tourney champs.  Sweet 16.

Meantime, the Chief Justice is a victim of credit card fraud.  First it was Justice Breyer who was a crime victim, and now Justice Roberts.  From the AP:

Justice John Roberts has been a victim of credit-card fraud.
A Supreme Court spokeswoman said someone got hold of one of Roberts's credit card account numbers. The court did not provide any other details.
But the Washington Post's In the Loop column, which first reported the item, said Roberts told the cashier at a Starbucks in suburban Maryland that he had to use cash for his morning coffee because he canceled the card after discovering that someone else had the numbers.

The Chief Justice was never defense friendly, but this won't help any.  I would like someone to do the stats on whether Justice Breyer has been worse on criminal justice issues since his home was broken into.

Hope everyone had a nice spring break.  Back to regular blogging on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

DOM - You have overlooked news of the day - The Sixth Amendment has been sequestered right here in the SDFL. All employees of the Federal Public Defender's office are furloughed without pay, today and every Friday.