Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The twists and turns of the Pakistani Terror trial

Last week witnesses were testifying via video feed from Pakistan.  The feed cut-off midstream (with some arguing that the Pakistan government was responsible because they were tipped off).  Judge Scola ordered that the trial continue, and now the defendant 77-year old Hafiz Khan has taken the stand.  Day two of his testimony is today.

From the AP (Curt Anderson):

"We are innocent of these accusations," said Khan, speaking in Pashto through an interpreter. "We have no connection with them whatsoever. We hate them."
Khan, who became a naturalized U.S. citizen after arriving here in 1994, said he is proud to live in this country, is registered to vote and does not even know how to fire a gun. Frequently stroking his flowing white beard and adjusting his skullcap, the imam of a downtown Miami mosque said he does not own a television and concentrates mainly on Islamic studies and teaching – something he feels utterly free to do in the U.S. because of its guaranteed rights.
"It is really a good thing to be a citizen of the United States," Khan said.

Hafiz Khan Terror Trial Miami Imam


Rumpole said...

Kahn. Really? Your obsession with Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn boarders on a compulsion comparable only with your obsession with Paris Hilton. And at least her pictures are less disturbing.

GB said...

And SFL's obsession with Bo Derek. And Spenser Aronfield.

NB why is it criminal prosecutors cannot conduct effective cross examinations?