Monday, February 25, 2013

"Attorney Maria Elena Perez blazes her own path in defense of former UM booster Nevin Shapiro"

That's one way to put it.  It's the headline for John Pacenti's in depth article about Maria Elena Perez, the lawyer representing the lowest of low snitches, Nevin Shapiro. 

Maria Elena Perez

Donna Shalala is outraged by it all: 
UM president Donna Shalala attacked the NCAA for its flawed investigation and maintains the university has been punished enough through two self-imposed postseason bans even though the NCAA gives the final word on punishment for violations.
Shalala is incredulous that the NCAA is taking the word of Perez's client, "who made a fortune by lying."
 Welcome to the federal criminal justice system.  This is the dirty little secret of federal criminal cases -- they are built on snitches like Shapiro every day of the week.  The criminal defense bar has gotten so used to it they it's become learned helplessness.  Maybe cases like this will push people to fight back instead of laying down while taking the shocks over and over again.  


Rumpole said...

Not often (or for that matter ever) heard around any courthouse I have ever frequented: "I'm in real trouble. Get me Maria Elena Perez."

From whence did she crawl out from?

Anonymous said...

You go, Rumpole.

Crime Pays said...

None of this nonsense will help anyone involved; not Shapiro, not Perez, not the Gov't, not the NCAA, and not UM. It's a circus sideshow.

Anonymous said...

"albondigas" Perez is on acid if she thinks her client is going to get a sentence reduction for his assistance to the NCAA.

Attorney Palm Harbor said...

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