Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why blogs are awesome

Legal blogs are buzzing over yesterday's GPS ruling in Jones.  Before we had blogs, we would have to wait for law professors to write law review articles that no one would read.  But now, we have instant access to tons of great commentary about the decision. 

Orin Kerr over at Volokh has a number of really interesting posts on the opinion, including this one which discusses Scalia's trespass ruling in Jones and this one which raises three questions to think about after Jones.  I also found interesting Tom Goldstein's reaction about how the government didn't really lose as badly as everyone says it did. 

The beauty of all of this is that there is some really great, high powered opinions and commentary available to everyone right away.

And here is your moment of zen for the day:


Anonymous said...

Yup, proceed right to Volokh whenever an important decision is released. (BTW, wonder what The Professor would have said in his former blog about Jones.)

There's also good analysis there about the individual mandate and healthcare litigation.

And, Youtube again proved it's worth by hosting that clip.

Rumpole said...

Some blogs are more awesome than others of course.