Thursday, January 26, 2012

73-year old man pleads guilty in large fraud case

Via Curt Anderson:

A prominent businessman pleaded guilty Wednesday to fraud in a $135 million real estate scheme that fleeced hundreds of investors, including the Roman Catholic prep school he once attended.
Gaston Cantens, 73, faces up to five years behind bars after pleading guilty to a single count of wire and mail fraud conspiracy. U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams set sentencing for April 4.
Cantens also lured investors from Miami's close-knit Cuban-American community, many of them elderly and some Roman Catholic priests.
One victim, 80-year-old Eduardo Arango, said he lost about $800,000 investing with Cantens. He called the plea agreement "a sweet deal" because Cantens could have faced more charges and a longer prison sentence.
"Most of the victims were people who are very aged. They lost whatever their resources were. They have suffered," Arango said.

Another GOP debate tonight.  Too bad Ali-G isn't the moderator:

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Fake Lou Guerra said...

I think its is reprehensible that "defense" attorneys plead people guilty, to sentences like this. I dont buy the bull shit excuses - "oh he cant stand the stress of trial.." - oh yeah? how bout the stress of going to prison to die?

of "he was looking at more time if he lost" more time than what, death?

pathetic. try the case. fight. have some self respect.

id rather lose a trial than win a plea.

if youre scared, get a dog

Anonymous said...

I think it should be "Fake Sweet Lou Guerra"

Anonymous said...

And I always thought that we give clients the benefit of our advice and counsel, they make the decision that is going to affect the rest of their life, and we help them achieve their choice, to the best of our ability within the law. I did not realize that it was all about what big balls I have

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with blogs: incomplete information and people (idiots) like Fake Lou Guerra who are quick to judge without knowing jack squat about the case. I'm not involved in the case, (and I'm not even friends with Cantens' lawyer)but I was intrigued, so I looked it up on Pacer. THE PLEA AGREEMENT FOR CANTENS IS TO A SOLE 371 COUNT!! That's a five-year cap, for you piss and vinegar idiots who don't know crap about the law and who would prefer to walk a 73-year old guy into a real life sentence as opposed to giving him a chance to actually get out before he croaks. Don't be so quick to judge and do your damn job as a well-rounded defense lawyer. A 371 count in a case like this IS a win.

Anonymous said...

I object that Lou's names is being used in this way. Not cool.

Fake Fred Moreno said...

Objection overruled.

Anonymous said...

This is real Lou Guerra. Fake Lou Guerra can come by any time and explain why he is using my name. And bring a first aid kit buoy will need it.