Wednesday, May 25, 2011

News & Notes

1. Jeff Weiner has a new book. Check out this very useful resource -- Federal Criminal Rules & Codes plus. It's got everything a federal criminal lawyers needs in one handy place.

2. John Edwards may get charged. Amazing to me that we are wasting our scarce prosecutorial resources going after Edwards for being a scumbag.

3. Jared Loughner is incompetent. The arrest photo made that pretty clear, no?

4. How Appealing has this info about the panel for Obamacare:

An anonymous source reports that the three-judge panel will consist of Chief Judge Joel F. Dubina and Circuit Judges Frank M. Hull and Stanley Marcus.
Judges Hull and Marcus were both appointed to the Eleventh Circuit by President Clinton. Chief Judge Dubina was appointed to the Eleventh Circuit by the first President Bush. And don't let the fact that all three judges have seemingly male first names fool you, because Judge Hull is female.


Rumpole said...

I personally like John Edwards and while disappointed by his behavior, I am sad to seem him prosecuted. BUT- if he did violate the law, and there seems to be more than enough evidence to indict him, why shouldn't he be indicted? Where should the resources you speak of be directed? Why does he get a pass?
If he did what he is claimed to have done, then he essentially stole a million dollars in political contributions. I have had plenty of client charged for stealing much less.

What a stunning fall. He had a chance to be President. In a way, the difficult election process is good in that it eventually exposes those who have character flaws that would prevent them from being President, although I agree that analysis doesn't account for the second President Bush.

Anonymous said...

Let us see: Mom is dead, Dad is disgraced already. Locking Dad up as well will be a real trifecta for the kids. We don't have to put everyone in jail to teach us not to break the law. And do not kid yourself, if he is prosecuted he will have to go to jail or else people will complain that he is getting special treatment. Of course, the counter argument is Eliot Spitzer, who has not been slowed up one whit by disgrace. In that sense, dear Brutus, the fault is not in the stars, but in oursselves.

Jane Moscowitz said...

don't call it Obamacare