Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Justice Scalia is funny

Here's another (nerdy) example from his dissent yesterday in Montana v. Wyoming:

"The Court interprets the Yellowstone River Compact...the right to grant...Wyomans the right to increase their consumption..."*

"*The dictionary-approved term is “Wyomingite,” which is also the name of a type of lava, see Webster’s New International Dictionary 2961 (2d ed. 1957). I believe the people of Wyoming deserve better."


Anonymous said...

I believe it should be called the land that gave us Dick.

Rumpole said...

"Birds of a Feather..."

South Florida Lawyers said...

1957 edition -- seems about right for Scalia.

Anonymous said...

"Wymoning" is derived from a Native-American language, Munsee. "Wyomingite" preserves the original phrase from which it is derived. But, that's Scalia for you . . . the original should be preserved at all costs, unless he thinks his newer version is better.