Monday, April 11, 2011


Jay Weaver just broke a big story -- "FBI agents searched the home and office of Anthony V. Mangione, the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in South Florida, over the weekend in a criminal investigation focusing on child pornography allegedly stored on his computer, according to federal sources familiar with the case."


Mangione, 50, has headed ICE’s regional office since 2007. The agency has aggressively targeted child pornography, with Mangione frequently speaking out against “predators’’ who illegally share images through their computers. ICE also investigates migrant smuggling, illegal weapons exports, counterterrorism and drug trafficking.

As special agent in charge of ICE’s South Florida office, Mangione’s name often graced press releases lauding the agency’s efforts to fight child pornography, in both the cyber and real worlds. In statements, he talked about using technology to combat child pornography and his agency’s resolve to combat the crime.

“Too many children are victimized by predators that target the most vulnerable among us -- our children," Mangione said in a 2009 press release announcing that a 20-year-old Palm Beach County man was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison on child porn charges.


Unknown said...

Definitely needs to hire DOM

Anonymous said...

His defense will be that he was working undercover to catch the pervs.

Anonymous said...

Only in S. Fla. baby!! You cannot make this stuff up!

Sentinel said...

An implausible defense that he had the images on one or more computers (including at home?) for work purposes. Policy dictates that such images be stored only on designated machines, and it is unlikely the regional supervisor would even need to review the images himself for any reason. Even prosecutors of these cases often do not view the images themselves until such time as the matter is set for trial and then again only on the designated agency machines.

Anonymous said...

Is this really so surprising? DEA, CIA, FBI-- corruption central.