Friday, April 08, 2011

11th Circuit to remain open if government shuts down

From their website:

Notice to Parties and Counsel
In the event of a government shutdown, the Court of Appeals will continue to conduct business during its normal hours of operations. Counsel are expected to appear at oral argument as usual and parties are expected to meet all filing deadlines.

So what exactly will close? From CNN:

In the short term, a shutdown -- the first since 1996 -- would frustrate anyone who wants to go camping in a national park, get a passport to leave the country or receive a visa to come in.


Should the government shut down, operations from national parks to veterans' clinics would close. The White House visitor center would go dark. Even some government websites would blink out, replaced by virtual closed signs.

But not everything would close.

Essential services such as defense, air traffic control and law enforcement would continue largely unabated, as would Social Security enrollments and payments. The Social Security Administration said a backlog of applications would be crippling.

Medicare payments would also continue, as would health benefits for government employees. Electronically filed tax returns would be processed. And although paper returns wouldn't be reviewed, a shutdown wouldn't equal a tax holiday -- returns would still be due April 18.


The Supreme Court will remain open as well:

In the event of a lapse of appropriations, the Court will continue to conduct its normal operations through the week of April 11. The Court building will be open to the public during its usual hours

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