Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Magistrate Judge Goodman quotes Robert Zimmerman

Judge Goodman has some fun in this entertaining (and long -- 63 pages) order on spoliation of evidence. The whole order is below. Here are two fun passages in which Judge Goodman cites to Wikipedia and Brainyquote:

Although it may seem obvious now, in 2011, that a party is required to implement a litigation hold to preserve e-discovery, the Court recognizes that, to paraphrase famous singer-songwriter Robert Zimmerman, “the times they were a-changin’” -- and in the world of e-discovery the times of 7 and 8 years ago were significantly different than now. [Footnote -- Robert Zimmerman is more-widely known as Bob Dylan. “The Times They Are a-Changin’” is a well-known song which Mr. Dylan released as the title track of his 1964 album of the same name. The song was ranked #59 on Rolling Stone’s 2004 list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” (last visited Apr. 4, 2011) (citing]


Well known politician Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. (1912 – 1994), sometimes known as “Tip” O’Neill, famously said that “all politics is local.”* Judicial decisions are also local -- because federal district courts must follow their “local” circuit courts of appeals in the absence of a contrary U.S. Supreme Court decision. This maxim of jurisprudence arises here as an initial matter because some circuit and district courts in other “local” circuits apply differing rules for analyzing electronic discovery spoliation claims.

* (last visited Mar. 18, 2011). Tip O’Neill was the “gregarious and irrepressibly liberal Bostonian who symbolized the Democratic Party through much of the 1980’s as Speaker of the House.” While a senior at Boston College, he ran for the Cambridge City Council, finishing ninth in a field of 60 candidates, of whom the top eight were elected. Mr. O’Neill had not campaigned in his own neighborhood, which he taken for granted and where he made a poor showing. He lost the critical eighth spot by 150 votes. In a post-mortem on the campaign, Mr. O’Neill’s father told him what he had learned in a lifetime of politics and what “Tip” would later use as his own political commentary: “All politics is local.” (last visited Mar. 18, 2011).

Judge Goodman's Order on Motion to Determine Spoliation of Evidence and Appropriate Sanctions [4!5!11]

Apologies to SFL for intruding on his turf. But it seems like orders like these rarely come out in criminal cases in this District. Judges rarely write lengthy orders regarding sentencing, criminal evidentiary issues, motions to suppress, etc.

P.S. Thank you to a tipster for this order. I appreciate it.

UPDATE -- Perhaps Judge Goodman should attend this conference on Bob Dylan and the law. (HT: SFL twitter)


Anonymous said...

Trivia question - name the local lawyer who has taken Bob Dylan's deposition.

David Oscar Markus said...

I'm proud to answer this one -- my pops: Stuart Markus!

South Florida Lawyers said...

Hmm, not bad and the quote was nicely used, but next time can I request an album track or deep cut?

And yes, I recall that case.