Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rothstein takes down Mafia player

Curt Anderon and Jay Weaver cover the story of the 4 year deal for Roberto Settineri. Jeff Weiner, Settineri's lawyer, had this to say:

"Our initial intention was to go to trial,'' Weiner said in an interview. ``My client had no criminal record. He was actively targeted and set up by Rothstein.
``But my client made a terrible mistake in judgment by agreeing to help Rothstein,'' he said, pointing out that the FBI's sting generated tape recordings and text messages incriminating his client. ``The bottom line, when the evidence came in . . . it would have been a foolish choice to go to trial at that point.
"[Settineri] took the bait, hook, line and sinker, to help someone he thought was a friend,'' the lawyer added. ``He was one of Rothstein's victims.''


Anonymous said...

"Rothstein is a horrible, horrible friend!" ?How do you say this in Italian?

No judge should reduce his sentence, No AUSA should advocate on his behalf, he is the scum of the earth, can't do the time for his wicked ways and is simply not worthy of consideration. If he wishes to do less time, he should pray to be stricken with terminal cancer earlier than later.

Anonymous said...

Unless Rothstein gives up Osama Bin Laden, he shouldn't get a Rule 35.