Tuesday, August 10, 2010

D.O.M. called

“You haven’t posted anything.”
That was D.O.M. again, calling from wherever.
“What about that case where Judge Altonaga got affirmed for asserting jurisdiction over the pre-WWII Germans?”
“Yeah, I saw that.”
“So, why not write something up, Professor?”
D.O.M. only busts out my title when things are dark, so I said,
“Well, you gave the blog over to the people who write comments.”
“I thought you didn’t read the comments.”
“I don’t.”
“You’re being too uptight about this.”
That was D.O.M. breaking the silence.


Rumpole said...

See, this is the problem with modern academia. No offense professor, but stop staring off into space pondering tenure or an associate administrative deanship, and open your macbook and WRITE SOMETHING.

When the prosecution says "no further questions" the real lawyers have to stand up, walk to the podium, stare down that lying sack-o-you know what-witness and have to ask a damn question. We don't get the luxury of pondering life.

So write something......or else.

Anonymous said...

Should have asked the Kosher guy to blog, he would have written something other than a mockery of the administrator

Anonymous said...

He's already tenured.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched Seinfeld Rump? It's a blog entry about nothing, which is something.

Anonymous said...

I ususally think your blog postings uninspired. Interesting, it took DOM to make you funny. Glad you are back DOM.