Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This and that

1. Mike Tein is in the NY Times today, discussing the Liberty City verdict: “If you sledgehammer the square peg three times, eventually you’re going to blast it into the round hole. This isn’t a terrorism case; it’s an overcharged gang case.”

2. Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley imposed death sentences today on Daniel Troya and Ricardo Sanchez Jr. in the Turnpike murder case. It is the first federal death penalty case in the District. A snippet from the AP article:
"I must confess I have no confidence that Mr. Troya would not do this again if the opportunity presented itself," the judge said before reading the sentence.
Troya was shackled around the waist and guarded by four bailiffs. He offered an apology during the hearing, .
"First and foremost, to the victims and family members, I would like to apologize," he said. "Basically, I'm sorry to my family, the people that put faith in me to be good."
He also apologized for throwing a plastic water bottle at prosecutors in March after a jury recommended the death penalty for Troya and co-defendant Ricardo Sanchez Jr.
As he was led from the courtroom, Troya nodded to his mother, father and sister, who were silently crying.
The judge said Troya grew up in a "wonderful family" and added, "I have no idea how Mr. Troya got to be the person he is today, but he is an enormously dangerous person who has no regard for the taking of a human life."
3. And Jason Taylor re-signed with the Fins today.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a former AUSA speak the truth about the case. Not like some other former AUSA's who always run to the rescue of the "office."

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Mike has integrity.

In fact, that office reminds me quite a lot of The Office.

Dwight and Angela have done their imagined service to the public. And that, I fear, is the very best they can do.

Anonymous said...

Good job Mike for telling it like it is. you said very well what a lot of us former proscecutors, state and federal, are thinking. for some reason, i don't really feel that much safer.

Fake Fred moreno said...

Missssterrrr Markus- If you're going to post football comments then as Chief Judge of this district, I insist you include Notre Dame updates. We're looking good this year.