Friday, May 29, 2009

Ruining summer vacation

palesq2.jpg.jpegNo one respects childhood anymore, you know? Nowadays, it's all about pushing and prodding the kids to get ahead of the brats next door or the Chinese or whomever. And now we're doing that to our incoming batch of UM 1Ls. This showed up in my inbox just about the time my SDFla blogging wrapped up:
This summer we plan to use our orientation blog to begin to explore some ideas about the law through books and films. ... Each week we will have by Monday some discussion questions posted on the blog, and we will see where the conversations take us.
The idea seems to be to use a blog as a diabolical weapon that targets summer fun. Needless to say, I hit "delete" as fast as I could—which is what I gather just about all of my colleagues did because a couple of weeks ago we started getting phone calls. Long story short, I was prevailed upon, as they say, to do this for a little while.

Now, my being a team player doesn't mean I'm not going to do everything my way. I obviously can't work in an oppressive password-protected website cut off from the outside world that doesn't even allow people to post their coarsest thoughts and pejoratives anonymously. As my grandmother says, "Me fuí de Cuba por menos." So, I'm hijacking the kids over to an unofficial open forum called What's the point of having tenure if you never color outside the lines? (Or sentence below the guidelines?) This way all you members of the Innominate D.O.M.inati—particularly those who are UMSoL alums—can share your comment-space insights on life and law with the wide-eyed eager pups. Go check it out and engage the future of SDFla.


Anonymous said...

DOM, I thought you revoked the professor's privileges. Did he PWP (post without permission)? Isn't this a violation of some law?

Just me said...

"Me fuí de Cuba por menos." That's the best!!! I feel that way about a great many things (even though I techinically never left Cuba, as I was born here). LOL

Rumpole said...

David- I'm not sure anyone understand this post. But never mind. According to the Broward Blog, you, me, and them are all BANNED IN BROWARD!!! The computers in the courthouse law library have all of our sites blocked.

The Fake Fred Moreno here must have offended someone up there.

Welcome to the club of misfits.


Anonymous said...

I have felt something missing ever since the professor was barred from this blog.
Now that Ricky is back blogging, I wonder if I will keep DOM on my list of bookmarks?

Anonymous said...

" to get ahead of the brats next door or the Chinese or whomever."

WOW! Hope you don't have any kids of Chinese decent in your classes professor. Seems like they have a couple strikes against them already.