Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looking for part-time blogger!

I am trial, probably for the next 4-5 weeks. (Details here). Anyone interesting in helping out while I'm busy?


Anonymous said...

How about Alex Acosta? he is looking for a job.
Or Judge Cooke - she writes beautifully (not).

Anonymous said...

Great openings before judge gold.

Sean Cronin for the government gave a marvelous opening; should have been videotaped and used to instruct new ausas.

David Markus for the defense did as good an opening as I have ever seen.

Both prosecutors and defense lawyers should stop in and watch the fine lawyering.

Anonymous said...


I am sick of people knocking Judge Cooke on this blog. She is independent minded and above all else, tries to be fair.

Son of a bitch. The next one who wants to criticize, please have the guts to post your name and stand behind your criticism.


Anonymous said...

I'm interesting in helping out on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Who's the judge on David's disorderly conduct case?

Anonymous said...

1:30: ordinarily I would agree with you that people should publicly criticize others, and not hide behind anonymous comments. However, this is not practical on this blog. Many of us here are attorneys the regularly practice before Judge Cooke (and other federal judges), and our ability to represent our clients before the Court would likely be severely diminished if we publicly took shots at Judge Cooke and company.

As citizens, we have a right to criticize public figures (such as Judge Cooke), but as lawyers, we must moderate our public exposure, and must protect our ability to be effective advocates before the Court.

In this case, anonymous criticism is not only justified, but likely necessary.

Anonymous said...

2:34 -- that may be the case, but of all the judges I can think of on the bench, Judge Cooke is the most unlikely to exact any revenge on an attorney that publicly criticizes her, whether the criticism is fair or unfair.

She would treat the person professionally and her rulings would not change one bit.