Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ho Hum -- The Princess, A Sex Sting, and UBS

Hey, can you tell it's SFL here?

Yep, still foolin' around while David tries another big case.

So I told you all this UBS thing was big. Here's an update on what went down in Judge Gold's courtroom yesterday:
U.S. District Judge Alan S. Gold set a July 13 hearing on the IRS lawsuit, unless an agreement is reached first. UBS claims that turning over the account names would violate Swiss privacy law and jeopardize the bank's license to stay in business.

"Such violations would expose these (UBS) employees to substantial prison terms, as well as fines, penalties and other sanctions," the UBS lawyers said in a court filing last week. "There is simply no reason to have, nor equity in having, such an expedited process here."

The IRS had sought an accelerated timetable, but Justice Department tax attorney Stuart Gibson and UBS lawyers told Gold at a brief telephone hearing Monday they had agreed on a lengthier process. Gold also set a series of deadlines for court filings.

"I would appreciate the continued efforts to discuss this matter, to narrow down what the legal issues are and the factual issues are," Gold said.
Most judges probably would appreciate that.

What do you know -- the feds bust a Miami Beach sex ring:

Bernabe-Caballero, 34, remained without bond in Miami's Federal Detention Center Monday night and was scheduled for a 10 a.m. hearing Tuesday about extradition to Michigan, where the grand jury in the case had convened.

Bernabe-Caballero's attorney, Rene A. Sotorrio, declined to comment.

Smart move, I wouldn't say anything either if my client was facing these kind of allegations.

And -- can you believe it -- a story about a cocaine princess and federal court.

Sometimes these things write themselves.

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