Thursday, February 26, 2009

Federal JNC named

SFL is doing a great job filling in. Thanks!

I just got a note about the new Federal JNC. First up for them -- the new district judgeship created by Judge Hurley going senior. Here's the list of JNC members:

John Fitzgibbons (Statewide Chair)

Linda Shelley (Chair)Jim ApplemanJohn AurellDuby AusleyMartha
BarnettWilliam "Bill" HarrisonMelanie Ann HinesDon HinkleDoug MannheimerJon
MillsDaryl ParksBuzz RitchieLeander ShawJim SmithSusan Story

Wayne Hogan (Chair)Steve CheesemanTom DukesW.C. GentryNat GloverSaundra
GreyMichael GrindstaffBen Hill IIITrudie Kibbe-ReedMike MaherMarcos MarchenaBill
McBrideSusan McCaskillHugh NormileSteve PajcicMarsha Santana RydbergBruce
SmathersBruce StrayhornBrian T. WilsonWilliam "Bill" Wilson

Kendall Coffey (Chair) Georgina Angones Reginald Clyne Gonzalo R. Dorta Al
Dotson Philip Frieden John Genovese Evelyn Greer Jillian Hasner Manny Kadre
Chuck Lichtman Richard Lydecker Tom Panza Luis Perez Danny Ponce David Prather Dennis Richard Justin Sayfie Chris Searcy Steve Zack

Looks like a solid list of members from the Southern District. I note with sadness though that there isn't one criminal defense lawyer on the committee...


Anonymous said...

David - who picks the JNC? Why so many wingnuts???? Did Bush pick them before leaving office? I thought elections had consequences.....

Anonymous said...

If by "wingnut" you mean people for one reason or another unqualified to pick federal judges, amen. Let "Ed Williams" pick them.

Anonymous said...

John Fitzgibbons, the statewide chair, is a well known criminal defense lawyer in Tampa. But you are right, the actualy members of each committee are the typical political and legal big wigs with little "on the ground" working knowledge of a courtroom.

Makes for some nice cocktail parties though.

Anonymous said...

coffey does have great judgment, remember him biting the stripper and charging his drinks on a government credit card, and sending in daddy to clean up his mess.I doubt that he has ever tried a jury trial.Very few trial lawyers among those, very few if any

Anonymous said...

Yup, looks like the usual suspects. Apparently elections do NOT have consequences. With all the "wingnuts" ( is that code word for Republicans?), is Sen. Nelson's goal to pick the committee most likely to pick the next group of judges to steal another election??

Anonymous said...

Someone failed to tell Nelson about the elections results. wow.