Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You can't handle the truth

SDFLA readers will be happy to know that there was a "you can't handle the truth" moment in federal court today. From the Miami Herald:

But on cross-examination, DurĂ¡n's attorney, Ed Shohat, tried to trip up Kauffmann by suggesting that he and his partner didn't actually buy the Citibank property -- that a close friend of Kauffmann's purchased it.
Kauffmann, who already pleaded guilty in the case, accused the defense lawyer of trying to confuse the facts, bursting out at one point: ``Handle the truth. Handle the truth.''
Shohat shot back: ''Are you Jack Nicholson?'' The reference was to the actor's role on the witness stand in the movie, A Few Good Men, in which he shouts: ``You can't handle the truth.''
U.S. District Judge Joan Lenard temporarily shut down the testimony, removed the 12-member jury and lectured both Kauffmann and Shohat.

I thank all involved as it allowed me to post one of the greatest courtroom moments in movie history. I could watch that again and again.

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