Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Those who know me know that I often like to ask hypotheticals... Would you do X in return for Y.

Well here's a real one from the USA Today: Would you amputate your pinkie finger so that you could finish your college football season as a lineman for a division II school?

Trevor Wikre answered yes! Can a doctor agree to such a thing?

Here's some of the article:

Trevor Wikre had a choice: Lose his pinkie finger or lose his football season.
"I said, 'Cut it off,' " Wikre says. He took no time to ponder. "I knew right away," he says. "It wasn't a hard choice."
Wikre, 21, is a guard for Mesa State College, a Division II school in Grand Junction, Colo. He had told teammates a couple of weeks earlier how much he loved them as brothers.
"I said, 'I'd take a bullet for you,' " he says. "Well, this was my chance to put words into action. This was my bullet."
The Mesa Mavericks will play their first game on national cable TV Thursday night (8 ET, CBS College Sports) vs. Western State (Colo.). Mesa is 5-2, 5-0 in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.
The trauma came Sept. 30 when Wikre's right little finger shattered at practice. He pulled off a glove, saw bone jutting out and asked trainers to tape it up. They declined and got him to the hospital, where doctors advised him that he needed season-ending surgery.
"I'm a senior," Wikre (pronounced WICK-er-EE) says. "If they put pins in there, my career was finished. I told them to just take it off. They said I was being dramatic. I said, yeah, well, losing my season is dramatic, too."

My favorite quote of the article:

"I can't hit the P on the keyboard very well," he says. "I have to train my ring finger to get over there. It takes time."

Sorry for the off-blog article, but I couldn't help myself. I hope to see you all Friday night at the Federal Bar installation dinner... Celeste Higgins is your new president.


Anonymous said...

What a putz--linemen don't need their freakin pinky.

He could have had the surgery, got a cast and still played.

Now, how the hell is he going to reach those pesky eye buggers?

Anonymous said...

Judge Newman would have bit his off at practice and kept on playing.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the great Ronnie Lott do the same thing? That kid has serious guts!

Anonymous said...

Lott was a pro and was in a position that required a working hand. Linemen are big dumb guys that should probably have casts on their hands anyway to keep them from holding.

Fake fRED MORENO said...

MEEEEEEEESTER MARKUS- this is way off topic and below the dignity of my court. Stop it immediately or I may well send a dozen marshals to your office and force you to change the title of your blog. This is not State court you know. Harrumph. Kindly act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

It's a good think he didn't have a hernia.