Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is the Dyer building for sale?

Perhaps, according to Julie Kay.

You gotta love Judge Pete Palermo:

But Miami Magistrate Judge Peter Palermo — who worked in the Dyer Building for 37 years before moving to the King building this month — said he would "raise hell" over any proposal to sell the Dyer Building. "It's historical," he said, calling the grand ceremonial courtroom "one of the most beautiful courtrooms in the country. When lawyers come to town they all want to tour it. I would fight like hell."


Anonymous said...

I would buy the building just to paint over the mural.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone get upset at the thought of the building being bought, cleaned up and put to good use? What is going to happen with it now?

Anonymous said...

MEEEEEEESTERRRR MARKUS. I will sell my courthouses when I want, to whom I want, on whatever terms I want.

And don't your forrrrrrrrrrrrget it.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest donate the building to Camilus House for the homeless? Maybe a shelter for women and children in crises?