Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The state court budget crisis

I'm continually struck by the difference in the state and federal systems. Check out this article by the DBR about the state court budget crisis and how people are being fired left and right:

Florida trial court officials plan to handle future budget cuts with layoffs rather than furloughing employees for weeks without pay. The state Trial Court Budget Commission, which is made up of members of all 20 judicial circuits, met last week to formulate a plan to deal with a projected budget shortfall that already has state agencies scrimping. A hiring freeze and travel ban imposed earlier this year in a budget-saving move have been extended indefinitely, said State Courts Administrator Lisa Goodner. The commission splintered when considering whether to absorb fresh cuts with layoff or furloughs. “A lot of people saw furloughs as a way to make a statement and layoffs is taking it again,” said Palm Beach Chief Judge Kathleen Kroll, who attended the meeting. The commission has not determined how many people would have to be laid off or when, but state agencies are operating with a 4 percent budget holdback.

Who's got some tips for me on an interesting trial or hearing in federal court. Come on people.


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David Oscar Markus said...

picky, picky. it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

All this while we build a fucking 400 million dollar stadium for the shitty Marlins. WTF? Where is Robing Rood?

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You know we lawyers are picky Davey-boy. I noticed too you forget the 'F'

11:30, well put.

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The law has always taken a back seat in Miami.

Rumpole said...

Sure, the second things get boring in Federal Court you start with the state stuff. You share space with Barzee. Want excitement? Send him to FDC and follow along with some cameras and watch the fur fly.

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11:30 agree, $400 million for a new stadium? That's messed up.

5:15, nice rumpy.

To quote "Obviously, they’re taking every precaution they possibly can to conserve resources with the hope that there will ultimately be some relief,"
-Conserving resources by firing court interpreters
“Every time they take away a court interpreter, we’ll run out and find someone to interpret,”
Why not just hand us all a foreign language/english dictionary?
BTW, pearl lovers and all you ranters for the princess what the hell kind of comments are you sending her? She posted a message on her comment page "Due to the nature of content some bloggers/I am very selective in deciding what comments get published/which ones don't."
I'm assuming she's talking to you guys...........If the comments are anything like SFLs' I may have answered my own question.

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10:10, I only ask questions about her relationship to SFL.

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10:10, “Every time they take away a court interpreter, we’ll run out and find someone to interpret,”

Why not just hand us all a foreign language/english dictionary

Here's an even better idea, "Court Interpretations For Dummies!" Heard Barnes and Noble will be giving lawyers a discount.

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I agree with 12:03's statement "GO MARLINS!" Go wherever you want so long as we don't have to pay for your stupid stadium, go to New Orleans, go to Las Vegas, but please, just go.

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Six people were laid off at the US Bankruptcy Court in July due to budgetary issues FYI.