Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jack Thompson update

Honestly, I can't keep up with all the twists and turns of Mr. Thompson's various cases. I do know that Judge Dava Tunis has recommended that he be disbarred for life (169 page order). And on another front, he is suing Chief Judge Moreno and the U.S. Marshal. For more updates, visit Game Politics.


Anonymous said...

If the Marshals were sent out only to harass and intimidate, he has a right to sue.

You would think that the court would have handled the escort situation a little better than what appears to have happened.

Thompson should subpoena the video surveillance before it disappears -- including what occurred after he left and see if there were any in person reports made to any parties in the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

11:08, agree, he has a right to sue but Jack is a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

no one should be harassed or intimidated, lunatics included.

Anonymous said...

ASS HOLE here.

Listen, the JUDGE should be able to do anything he wants...if HE doesn't want that guy in the courthouse, then HE has a right to have him harassed.

What are you going to do anyway? Fire HIM? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys make me question whether or not I am a liberal(I am opposed to the war, disgusted by the FISA Act, dues paying member of the ACLU).

I think that the Judge was perfectly justified in sending a couple of marshals out to check on this guy. He is clearly a nut, was acting erratically, was eluding to (although not outright threatening) violence, and was doing so in the Chief Judge's chambers concerning on going litigation.

As long as the marshals didn't do anything more than pay an investigatory visit, I see nothing wrong.

Before I am falsely accused, I am not a AUSA. Private civil practice.

Anonymous said...

Judge Tunis' order was incredible. It reads like a novel, that could be a made for TV MOVIE.

No comment DOK??????