Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trial stats

The commenters were correct that I posted the wrong link concerning the number of trials in this District. Thanks to a helpful reader, here is the correct link for the total trials in this District and the rest of the country. The conclusion in the prior post -- that we try more cases in this District than any other -- is still correct.


Anonymous said...

I guess tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll find out whether the Gov't will re-try the "Liberty City 6" case.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at some of those numbers -

Total acquittals 10th Cir: 20
Total acquittals 7th Cir: 14
Total acquittals 1st Cir: 23

Total acquittals SD Fla: 25!!!

Except for the Eastern District of VA, which had a total of 37 bench acquittals (Anybody know why so high) SD Fla beat the pants off all else.

So, question is: Is the bar that good, the prosecutors that bad, the charging decisions so poor, or some combination of the three?

Anonymous said...

What is the percentage of loss out of number of cases tried? I only glanced at the chart, but it appears SDFL also had a huge number of trials compared to those (and just about every other district).