Sunday, April 06, 2008

News & Notes

1. Since Rumpole is shut down, I have invited him to blog over here.

2. The Justice Dept is investigating Dade County jails. I'm very happy about this. Broward should be next. The conditions are just appalling.

3. I've been slow to cover this story. But there is a lawsuit in our District re the Beatles. From Jay Weaver's article:

A London company representing The Beatles has won the first legal round to stop a Miami Lakes business from releasing rare live recordings of the group at a German club in 1962.
Apple Corps Limited and Fuego Entertainment struck an agreement approved by a Miami federal judge on Friday that requires Fuego to halt plans to release eight song recordings featuring Ringo Starr on drums as a Beatle for the first time.
The injunction also requires Fuego to remove any information about the planned release from its website, which has featured a sales pitch to customers to buy the CD. And it requires Fuego to cease any use of the trademark, The Beatles, for commercial purposes.
The temporary injunction remains in effect until a lawsuit is resolved.

4. Just when you think it can't get any worse for Broward judges...

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