Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Judge Martinez speaks at the Federal Bar Association today

As expected, he was entertaining and the turnout to see him speak was great.

Apparently, the judges have been delayed moving into the new building because GSA forgot to order them the audio-visual equipment. This is not even funny anymore!

The buzz at the luncheon, of course, was whether the feds would retry the Liberty City group.


Anonymous said...

No, they will offer BS CTS pleas to guys who have been locked up in the SHU for a year.

Can anybody recall being proud of anything the US Atty's office has accomplished in the past 10 years?

If so, what.

Commodore said...

They did a damn good job going along with the design of the new courthouse...ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

And, as I recall, raiding the job site to arrest the illegals helping to build it.

Anonymous said...

If they had left the "illegals" on the job maybe the job would've been completed right and on time.

Commodore said...

Come on, throw the office a bone.

What's the big deal about rounding up a bunch of really productive people and spending tax dollars deporting them?