Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jailhouse snitch?

Apparently someone at the federal jail claims that a defendant in the Joe Cool case confessed. Smells fishy to me. Here and here are the articles.


Anonymous said...

it's a joke, and all prosecutors know it. Whenever there is a case with little evidence, a jailhouse snitch pops up. Ever notice that when the case is strong, there's no jailhouse snitch?

Anonymous said...

Is there anything lower than a jailhouse snitch?


Anonymous said...

Marcus did you see this?

In what was billed as the final stop on his book tour, Justice Thomas spoke at Chapman University Monday. Go Panthers! The Orange County Register reported on the talk, in which he made some provocative remarks about his post:

“There’s not much that entices about the job,” Thomas said. “There’s no money in it, no privacy, no big houses, and from an ego standpoint, it does nothing for me.”

Thomas, 59, said the position is satisfying because he feels he’s serving the public, and he’s honored by it, “but I wouldn’t say I like it.”

“I like sports,” Thomas said. “I like to drive a motor home.”

I think Justice Thomas should resign. Do you?

Anonymous said...

He left out one reason to stay on the bench. Spite.

Anonymous said...

No money in it? Last time a checked a Supreme Court Justice (even one who does not have to prepare for oral argument because he never asks a quesiton)gets paid about $195,000 a year.

I will not say anything more for fear of being hauled before the Bar.

Commodore said...

This is all fine and dandy, but I want to here some thoughts on the "obstruction of justice" attorneys testifying before congress today.

Is there any difference between what those guys and galls did and what Paul Bergin is accused of doing? Sure, killing witnesses sounds bad. But what about torturing people, and then destroying the evidence after a federal judge orders it to be preserved.

Come on, I know some AUSA out there wants to distinguish the difference between Guantanamo bay and secret (unknown) prisons.

Anonymous said...

"Dr Adam Hansen, of Arizona's Mayo Clinic Hospital, is accused of taking the snap while conducting gallbladder surgery earlier in December.

The chief of general surgery allegedly showed the photo to fellow surgeons.

The patient is a strip club owner, Sean Dubowik, whose penis is tattooed with the words "Hot Rod"..."

David Oscar Markus said...

If he isn't happy with his job, then yes, he should resign.

Anonymous said...


I thought you were at sea! Welcome home.

Fake Admiral

Anonymous said...

Judge Lenard has ordered an anonymous jury for the Liberty City 6 trial.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Why the 180?

Commodore said...

Much like the British at New York, I will wait for the right tide to float my way.