Monday, December 03, 2007

Informant killed

Jay Weaver details the murder case involving an informant here. The strange thing is the person that the informant was cooperating against was set to plead two days after the informant was killed. Here's the intro to the interesting article:

Wearing all black with a hood over his head, the hit man ran up the driveway of a central Miami-Dade home, pulled out a 9mm pistol and popped the FBI informant.
Seconds later, the shooter jumped into a getaway car. He had just shot his target in the back of the head outside the target's father-in-law's house. In the fleeing car, the shooter told the driver that the victim had ''looked scared'' just before he shot him at close range.
And so began the murder-for-hire investigation into the hit on Mahmoud Elchami on the afternoon of Nov. 19, 2006, according to FBI records filed in federal court. Agents say Elchami was murdered because he was going to testify as a key witness in a drug trial.
Agents allege the man who pulled the trigger is Joshua John Laing, who will be arraigned on Monday in the killing of Elchami, who died one day after the shooting. After his arrest, Laing, 22, confessed he committed the shooting in exchange for thousands of dollars, according to an FBI affidavit.


Anonymous said...

"...the only provocation for
defendants’ conduct was the refusal of infidels to bow down to establishing Sharia...


Respectfully submitted,

United States Attorney"

Does anybody else think this is a bit far afield from arguing the facts and merits of the case?

Even though the pleading was not signed by Mr. Acosta personally, it was filed on his behalf.

Should we expect our U.S. Attorney to manage an office that is above this type of racist argument?

Anonymous said...

What is racist about that?