Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chief Judge Moreno at the federal bar luncheon

It was a great and engaging lunch this afternoon with the Chief taking a variety of questions, from the new Supreme Court decisions on sentencing to the new federal courthouse to multi-district litigation.

Moreno explained that he didn't control when the new courthouse would open and there was no fixed date... The over on that January 1, 2008 looks pretty good right now. The new over/under line is January 1, 2009.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas also spoke today to the Palm Beach Bar Association. Here's a report on that talk.


South Florida Lawyers said...

Agreed - great talk by Judge Moreno.

Thanks but no thanks on Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Why not South Florida Lawyers? Chicken?

Thomas has his views and sticks to him. Gotta love that kind of resolve. The comment he made on oral argument being basically superfluous gives pause - why have it if you aren't going to sway a judge or two.