Monday, November 05, 2007

WSJ blog interviews Rick Diaz


I particularly liked this question and answer:

Was there ever a doubt that you were going to hand the case over to someone else?

I then got calls from all over the country from lawyers who called themselves First Amendment advocates. Some graciously offered help, others aggressively tried to take the case away from me. One lawyer accused me of not being an appellate advocate and threatened to contact my client and directly to solicit the case from him. So I wrote to Mr. Williams and I honestly told him that I was neither an appellate advocate nor a First Amendment expert but asked him what he wanted me to do. He essentially told me, “I’ve known you for 20 years as a street cop and I’ve seen you work in the federal court building for over 10 years. There’s nobody I want arguing my case in front of the Supreme Court except you.”


Rumpole said...

In my old neighborhood, when someone tried to take something away from you, you paid him a visit with a baseball bat.

Its inexcusable that some assh*le lawyer would try and steal a case that the Supreme Court has granted Cert with. We have enough of those problems in the Miami Jails. You mean to tell me that kind of crap exists at the highest levels. What's next: Mailers?

"Dear Sir
We got your name from the Supreme Court Cert list and we see that the court has agreed to hear your case. Let us tell you a little about our firm and why you should consider hiring the most experienced lawyers to argue your case...."

This really stinks.

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Anonymous said...


How many of the lawyers that contacted you were former law clerks to the Court? You should write a letter to the Chief Justice about the practice (after the opinion comes out).

Anonymous said...

Was this the guy that spoke to Rick?:

For those of you unfamiliar with state court blog antics. Cut and past the link above in your browser!