Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do letters at sentencing matter?

Former Sheriff Ken Jenne is being sentenced tomorrow (by Judge Dimitrouleas).

He has submitted a bunch of letters (here) for the judge to consider in imposing a reasonable sentence.

SDFLA blog question of the day -- do these letters make a difference with our judges?

Here's the Herald coverage of the letters and here is the Sun-Sentinel coverage.

And if you are interested in prison condition's for Jenne, here's the Herald's take.


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Anonymous said...

Either his lawyer made a HUGE error or these letters include those forwarded to the court by the Government. Check out letters on page 6-7 of the link. Two residents of Broward County asking that Mr. Jenne receive the maximums sentence permitted by law. Ooooops!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they see past the bullshit in those letters, that is, if they even read them.

Most of the time, I'm sure they have other people reading it for them, asking them to highlight the important areas, so at best, they might read snippets.