Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Morning Blogging

I took the kids to Disney World this weekend. Back to the stack of mail and phone messages that ensue from a couple days away from the office....

Anything new going on in the District? Email me with some tips.

There are two important lunches in the next two weeks.

First, the Anti-Defamation League is honoring my former boss, Edward Davis, and H.T. Smith. Professor Alan Dershowitz is the keynote speaker.

And next Wednesday, November 14, the Federal Bar Association will be honored with Eleventh Circuit Judges Rosemary Barkett and Stanley Marcus. They will be answering your questions, so please come prepared.


Anonymous said...

Dershowitz is a schmuck. He has no business being a guest speaker at any dinner that honors people opposed to racism and intolerance. Dershowitz is tolerant of all things that protect JEWS and ISRAEL. He is as hawkish as any of the Bush administration when it comes to attacking Muslim nations without good cause. The man is a disgrace as was shown in the Libby trial appeals and should go down in history as a huge asshole.

Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace that Judge Barkett, who is truly worthy of honor, should have to accept an award at a dinner in which Dershowitz is the keynote speaker.

Anonymous said...

My bad, please substitute "H.T. Smith and Ned Davis, who are" for "Judge Barkett, who is".

It must have been that "mushroom" clouding my mind.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Don't forget Dersh also wrote firmly in support of torture, putting him to the right of even the Likud party (which has always disavowed such immoral and unproductive methods).