Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Snow White's dwarfs more famous than US judges: poll

Here's a great article that I came across (hat tip: ScotusBlog) about Americans' knowledge of the Supreme Court and government in general. Here are some tidbits:
  • Three quarters of Americans can correctly identify two of Snow White's seven dwarfs while only a quarter can name two Supreme Court Justices, according to a poll on pop culture released on Monday.
  • Twice as many people (23 percent) were able to identify the most recent winner of the television talent show "American Idol," Taylor Hicks, as were able to name the Supreme Court Justice confirmed in January 2006, Samuel Alito (11 percent).
  • Respondents were far more familiar with the Three Stooges — Larry, Curly and Moe — than the three branches of the U.S. government — judicial, executive and legislative. Seventy-four percent identified the former, 42 percent the latter.

What do you think the results in Miami would be if we asked about local judges? I'm afraid to ask...


Anonymous said...

Most are Dopey, many are Grumpy, and a few are Sleepy.

Lady_Themis said...

I am justing finding out that most people don't care about the politician life. The only time they actually know about a Judge if they find themself in trouble and have to face one. Other then that, they don't care. Just like when some go to vote usually they know about one person who is running and not the rest. So if hispanic, then usually they will pick an hispanic name, and so on. It is some concern, and the only way for people to vote for a qualified person if they read and/or hear more about the person. Just my opinion. Lady_Themis