Sunday, August 27, 2006

News and Notes

The weekend is almost over... some news and notes to begin the week while we wait to see what Ernesto is going to do.

1. The Padilla prosecutors have filed a motion to reconsider with Judge Cooke, asking the judge to reverse herself on the dismissal of count I and on the decision to force the government to elect on count II. Initial coverage of the order here. Nine times out of ten, these sorts of motions are denied. Still no notice of appeal filed.

2. Julie Kay has a very negative article coming out on Monday about how Judge Highsmith handled a situation in which one of his employee's daughters was (apparently) being scammed by some downtown store. It's very difficult to figure out from the article exactly what happened to the daughter, but it's hard to really blame Judge Highsmith for trying to help her if he thought she was really in danger. Still, Professor Jarvis -- without knowing the facts -- jumps all over the Judge and the Marshal.

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